How did I overcome my loneliness?

I got stuck in a deep loneliness, when I was newly married and flew to US with my husband. It was an arranged marriage, so anyone can understand the time it takes to feel companionship with the partner. Due to geographical change and time constraints, I can't be in touch with my beloved family and friends as before. After my husband left to office, the silence inside and outside house are the same. No known people around me. scrolling the news feed of Facebook, made me feel that everybody in the world are so busy with their lives and I got struck up in an island. Then the fear of missing out has come in me.
An idle mind is devil's workshop right. The devil in me made me to think too much and ended up doing nothing but to worry and feel useless. . I wished to engage myself in something interesting. Obviously, that was the time, I was learning cooking. So, I put in some more effort and started exploring in my kitchen and came out with different recipes. I started to take pictures…

Kolayudhir Kaalam

Kolayudhir kaalam by Sujatha is a thriller novel, which is a duel between science and supernatural beings. Just like leaves in the falls (ilayudhirkaalam), deaths started occurring in a Village. Village people started to believe it as an act of a phantom, which visits once in every 2 years to take revenge on Vyasar family.  Advocate Ganesh and his Junior Vasanth who visits the village for their client Leela happened to be in crime scene. Ganesh believed it is played by human with the help of science and technical advancements with the motivation to get Vyasar family property. Vasanth believed that it is by phantom. Both investigates the case based on their belief. With facts and figures, who wins Ganesh or Vasanth? Science or supernatural beings?

Time to learn our Scriptures - My favorite quote

I would like to quote from Thirukural, which is praised as Universal Veda(Ulaga podhumarai) and universal code of conduct, written by Thiruvalluvar. It has 1330 verses (Kural in Tamil), all are considered as sacred verses and undergone various researches in association with various subjects like science, medicine, psychology etc.

My favorite verse from Thirukural are below:

1.  இனிய உளவாக இன்னாத கூறல்
     கனிஇருப்பக் காய்கவர்ந் தற்று.
Iniya Ulavaga innadha kooral  Kani irupa Kai Kavarndhu atru.
Meaning: we have many sweet words/ sweet topics to speak, but if you choose to speak in the intention to hurt others, it will be considered like preferring to have bitter fruit to juicy fruit.

2. எற்றென்று இரங்குவ செய்யற்க செய்வானேல்
   மற்றன்ன செய்யாமை நன்று

Yetru Yendru iranguva seiyarka seivaanel, 
matranna seiyaamai nandru.

One should not do things that will give him sorrows, if he has done, he / she should not be doing the same again. 

How sweet! To Err is human. So, he says, it is better if you have…

The Reach of sisters

The Reach of sisters by Bethany Ash is a short story with not more than 15 pages.

Plot: Cassie and Izzy are sisters who want to save each other, but from whom and how? Cassie is the older one, believes at her super power in protecting the world and her family, especially her sister from death. Izzy wished her sister's fantasy to be true and so she can be saved from bullying, else to save her from drowning into her imaginary world.
The flow of the story is incredible, because it talks about the perspectives of two souls on same thing in few pages.
Take away from this book:
1. Being normal is good to everyone, but understanding the abnormality is a must to that special one.  2. When love and bond are the same, there is no space for who is right and who is wrong.  3. Even the insane mind has a determined heart.

When and How to visit Athi Varadhar in Kanchipuram?

Athi Varadhar is an idol taken out of Kanchipuram temple's divine pond once in 40 years and kept in temple's hall for 48 days. Again will be immersed in same pond.

The reason for this process was majorly said as a way of protecting the idol from Muhal invasion.
Free Darshan from 6am to 1pm an 2pm to 8pm from July 1,2019 to August 17, 2019. (Exception on 11.07.2019. on that day the darshan closed by 5pm.)

For Archana ticket and special darshan ticket, visit

For parking, food facility, facilities for special people and other precautions click Who is Athi Varadar and how to visit him?
To know how Athi Varadar is retrieved from the pond, here is the interview by Lakhminarasimhan@KittuBhattar, a priest of kanchi Varadaraja temple, who is also involved in the process of retrieval in 2019. Retrieval of Athi Varadar. His interview will answer to the questions like, how the wooden statue is not floated on water and how does it preserved from erosion during the 40 years o…

How to take current affairs to children?

Summer has come, vacation also has come. No doubt that TV and your smart phone are in the control of your kids. Same as elders, kids are also attracted more to YouTube than TV. We may get tired of those baby shark, wheels on the bus go round and round... PJ masks peppa pigs etc, but not the kids. It is common to have difference of preferences between kids and parents. Sometimes mom can also get adjusted to kids preferences and not all fathers for sure. So, what to watch together?
Here is a Tamil show in a you tube channel scripted for children above 5 years, which will be a fun show for elders too. The desire of the team is to initiate the conversation about current affairs between kids and parents. Thus, the show build a knowledge sharing scenario at home.
BLACK SHEEP, a YouTube channel with 2.1 M subscribers, is known for creativity and uniqueness, continued to give more political news in various forms of shows. Video memes and appropriate songs in between their content are highlights…

Wild wind and warm welcome at Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

Are you tired of GOT fans murmuring "Winter is here"? check out some spring stuff here. Spring with blossomed flowers made it true that winter is over.  Sun shines, flowers blossom, suddenly everything turned out to be colorful around us. Feeling warmth after a cold season resumes our spirit to travel. Enough of sitting back at home and wondering at google photos, now the treat for eyes are open. So, just opened the google maps to know the places of flower fields. 

It listed many, but we found only 3 places familiar  1. Malibu creek state park 2. Antelope Valley California Poppy reserve national park(official website) 3. Carlsbad flower field
We chose Antelope Valley first. We started early that day around 7 am. My friends who already visited the place had tempted me with their colorful display pics.  So, I was having too much expectation about the place. To my surprise, not only the place, the road to the park itself was amazing. As known from its name, the road was through the …

Websites for Homeschooling

Homeschooling is an art and part of parenting. It is essential for kids and parents to have learning from home too. Parents who are educated and knowledgeable too need certain study plan and respective study materials to teach their kids. Some believe that  Facebook pages and YouTube channels are enough for study materials, which is not true. They are just trailers and we cannot rely them for everything. Also, those social sites are high in distractions.  Parents who are interested in homeschooling and interested to introduce many new subjects apart from their school curriculum should sign up for exclusive educational sites and take part in parenting forums

Following are few of the educational sites that I came across. I'm glad to share them with a hope that it will benefit interested parents.

Guidance for writing essays USA Reading School

Time 4 learning

K12 Schools


Schoolexpress /  Free worksheets

fact monster