How did I overcome my loneliness?

I got stuck in a deep loneliness, when I was newly married and flew to US with my husband. It was an arranged marriage, so anyone can understand the time it takes to feel companionship with the partner. Due to geographical change and time constraints, I can't be in touch with my beloved family and friends as before. After my husband left to office, the silence inside and outside house are the same. No known people around me. scrolling the news feed of Facebook, made me feel that everybody in the world are so busy with their lives and I got struck up in an island. Then the fear of missing out has come in me.
An idle mind is devil's workshop right. The devil in me made me to think too much and ended up doing nothing but to worry and feel useless. . I wished to engage myself in something interesting. Obviously, that was the time, I was learning cooking. So, I put in some more effort and started exploring in my kitchen and came out with different recipes. I started to take pictures…

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I din't know that I love you so much, until I miss you

I have read many quotes mentioning, "value everything that you have, because you may not know when you will miss it". I realized it in your absence. I feel guilty for not honoring you, I feel guilty for taking you for granted, I feel guilty for not giving you much priority.

How can I do so? How can I be that ungrateful to you, when you always helped me and stood supportive. I did not realize that, you are the reason for my peaceful nights and long sleeping hours. I realized it, when I found it difficult to overcome the nightmare of hustle bustle mornings. I could n't start my day without you, and I can't go to bed without thinking of you. I may not appreciated your presence, but remember, my life is not easy without you. It is a late awakening... I openly confess that I can't live without you. 
Idly - My savior, I love you so much.

Due to inevitable situation, my household items were delayed to reach us. However I managed my breakfast with varieties of upma and p…

Content writing about schools

Documenting the information you gather is not just useful to you, it turns out to be a database and helps many others too.

After my kids started schooling, child education is something that I really concentrate on. The more I read about it, the more I got to exclaim at. There are varieties of educational model and authorized educational systems to nurture students' talents and many tries to introduce global standards in mix of traditional and digital teaching.  OMG how much the education system has changed from the time of my school days! When I discuss it with other mommy friends, I get to know more about their research on schools for their children. Then I decided to document about the schools and their educational model, facilities, admission process etc. I also publish them in, an educational website, where I get paid for my content.

"Getting paid for your hobby is a blessing... When you are paid for something, the responsibility also increases."


How to stay young?

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in weight loss or providing guidelines to any nutritious diet. I have not tried and succeeded any experiments on healthy diets.

The question after my disclaimer may arise, "Then Why do you write on such topic?"

Though we don't follow some routines, we always watch or read about it. For me Home organization, make up routine, healthy diet are few among them. However, everything we watch do not attract us. Many seem to be unrealistic, there is one video which is realistic and follow able. More importantly the person* who gave the tip is reliable.

*It is always important that who says matters, much than what is been told.

Okay, coming to the tips to stay young...
Being young is equally related to your physical and mental fitness.

For Physical fitness:
1. Chew your water
  Bite your water, so that the water gets well along with the saliva and helps you in digestion, instead of diluting your Hydrochloric acid. (Don't find it to be too techni…

Aathichudi - inculcate basics of life to ur kids

There are few things in the world that are very basic and must learn in early childhood itself. I feel, it is  a responsibility of parents to inculcate them in their kids,  as  primary chapters of life learning. I would say Aathichudi by Avvayar is one such thing from Tamil literature. Through Aathichudi,  we can introduce our kids to Tamil as well as life.

Aathichudi stories for kids Aathichudi Rhymes
ஆத்திசூடியை உலகறியச் செய்வோம்!!!
Let's Spread Aathichudi to the World!!!
1. அறம் செய விரும்பு /
1. Learn to love virtue.
2. ஆறுவது சினம் /
2. Control anger.
3. இயல்வது கரவேல் /
3. Don't forget Charity.
4. ஈவது விலக்கேல் /
4. Don't prevent philanthropy.
5. உடையது விளம்பேல் /
5. Don't betray confidence.
6. ஊக்கமது கைவிடேல் /
6. Don't forsake motivation.
7. எண் எழுத்து இகழேல் /
7. Don't despise learning.
8. ஏற்பது இகழ்ச்சி /
8. Don't freeload.
9. ஐயம் இட்டு உண் /
9. Feed the hungry and then feast.
10. ஒப்புரவு ஒழுகு /
10. Emulate the great.
11. ஓதுவது ஒழியேல் /

A twist in Harry Potter

Hi friends... I apologize for not completing Harry Potter story telling. It requires effort which I can put in, but I could not overcome the time limitation. Probably for the next time, I judge my audience properly, understand their interest and plan accordingly. Anyway, I don't want to end up Harry Potter even before entering Hogwarts.
So, I borrowed Harry Potter dvd from Library, let's finish the story by watching it. Tomo, (01/10-friday) at 2.30pm, is our show time. Meet u soon
Here is my review on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone. click here

Candy cane lane

Christmas in western countries are not just a day of celebration, it is a season of joy. I was blessed to see their enjoyments in the form of decorations. Most of the people not just decorated inside the house, many has decorated at the front of the house, mainly with lights, Christmas trees and Santa Claus. There are many other houses with themes, cartoon characters and unique decorative items. I found everything attractive.

The surprising and different thing, I found among certain group of people is their unity. Yes, people in same street/ area together made their independent decorations into an event by unity. I happened to see such street decorations in Lubao Avenue and Oxnard Street of Woodlandhills, California.

The home owners in this street collectively decided to decorate their houses for visitors and turns their street into a candy cane lane. This has been followed as a tradition by these street people since 1952. People of Woodland Hills are excited to drive through or walk …